When Jesus commissioned His disciples to heal the sick, cast out demons, cleanse the lepers, and raise the dead (Matthew 10:7-8) and then instructed them to teach others to do all He had commanded them (Matthew 28:18-20), He intended to replicate a body of believers who demonstrated both His love and His power. Part of the privilege and responsibility of being a follower of Jesus is learning to live a naturally supernatural life. The supernatural works of the kingdom aren’t reserved for the specially called or anointed. Rather, they should be evident in the life of every believer. The School of Kingdom Ministry is one way to join Jesus in His supernatural activity on the earth today.

The School of Kingdom Ministry is an intensive, nine-month course on supernatural ministry. Students will receive instruction on kingdom theology and the demonstration of God’s power through ordinary disciples. Our curriculum has been developed to provide students with theologically sound teaching coupled with instruction from gifted and experienced practitioners in order to provide a comprehensive approach to supernatural Christianity. Each topic of study will include biblically based teaching, activation exercises, and practical application opportunities.

Our curriculum is meant to be experienced. We believe that education pulled apart from action will never result in transformation. To that end, we spend more time doing than we do talking. The School of Kingdom Ministry pulls together three facets which together will give students a comprehensive learning opportunity that results in transformation and lifestyle integration:

  • Teaching
    Teaching is a critical part of the School of Kingdom Ministry experience. The fact is that many of us have a number of theological hindrances that hold us back from experiencing the power of God. Our pictures of God, ourselves, and how ministry works hold us back from what we could be walking in. The teaching component of our classes is aimed at providing a comprehensive practical understanding on which power ministry is built.
  • Activation
    The activation portion of the School of Kingdom Ministry is often one of the components of the class the students like the most and find the most life changing. Because supernatural ministry is better caught than taught, we’ve developed a whole curriculum of activities designed to activate you and have you experience the gifts of the Spirit.
  • Practice
    In the practice portion of the class, students will be given opportunities to to practice what they’re learning by meeting real needs of real people through outreach activities. The outreaches offer an opportunity to explore a number of different contexts of ministry along with a chance to reflect and grow in the context community. A number of different formats of ministry are practiced to offer a well rounded experience that allows students to work in their gifting, as well as be stretched in places they may not normally minister. Examples of outreach opportunities include street evangelism and ministry to other believers.

For more information, please email, call us at (410) 987-3440, or visit the School of Kingdom Ministry website.