As followers of Jesus, we are called to make disciples of every people group, both here locally as well as outside our country.

When we think of missions, we don’t just think of “going overseas” but recognize that, as a church, we first have work to do locally.  We have a clear call to contribute to the redemptive history of our local Maryland Communities and neighborhoods.  One of the practical ways that we do this is through our  Vineyard Child Care Center which lovingly cares for the children of many working parents in Central Maryland.

Outside of Central Maryland, we support church planting including the growth of missional communities the growth of missional communities in Dublin, Ireland.  We are also honored to support Life Impact International which rescues children from forced labor, prostitution, and slavery and restores them to live out their God-designed destinies.

For more information, click on the provided links, email office@wellvineyard.org, or call (410) 987-3440.  You can also find out more about Vineyard USA’s global missions activities here.